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Some couples also opt to include a number of wedding cupcakes at their reception party.

Whether they choose to set up a beautiful cupcake tree, for guests to pick their own individual cupcake flavors, or, simply arrange with the catering crew, to serve a cupcake at each setting, wedding cupcakes can be a colorful and tasty addition to the main wedding cake showpiece.

Wedding Cupcakes can be ordered in one, or a variety of flavors, as also with icing flavor choices.
Prices for Wedding Cupcakes are as follows:

Chocolate and Vanilla cake Cupcakes:

$3.25 each for butter-cream iced Cupcakes.

$3.75 each for butter-cream iced and decorated Cupcakes.

* Although the vast majority of the Butter-cream icing used to create our wedding cakes is Vanilla flavor, you can also choose Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime, Raspberry, or Cappacino flavor.
Strawberry, Keylime, Carrot-Cake, and Italian Cream, Marble, Red Velvet, Orange, Lemon, or Raspberry Cupcakes:

$3.75 for butter-cream iced Cupcakes.

$4.25 for iced & decorated Cupcakes.