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Thanksgiving At Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday time for us all, as we take time to count our blessings, and give great thanks to the One who blesses our lives.

Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co., provides a variety of delicious dessert choices for your Thanksgiving Meal.

****Remember we are closed on Thanksgiving Day, and will remain closed until we reopen the following Monday.****

The majority of our many Thanksgiving customers pick up their orders on the Day Before Thanksgiving Day--Wednesday, November 22nd.  You are also welcome to pick up on Tuesday, Nov. 21st, if you wish.  Either way, all pies will be baked fresh, and pies will stay plenty fresh for your Thanksgiving meal(s)!

Thanksgiving Holiday Special Offerings


* Pumpkin Cake with Vermont Maple Buttercream $39.95

Two plump layers of our moist pumpkin spice cake, finished in buttercream and laced with pure Vermont maple syrup. (Available in 8", serves 12-16)


* Any of our normal Cakes, in the various flavors, decorated any way you like!


* Apple Cranberry Pie $16.95

Ohio Apples team up with New England cranberries for a hint of tart.


* Pumpkin Pie $15.95

"What calls back the past, like the rich pumpkin pie?". Whittier. "The Pumpkin" (Avail. In Large).


* Any of our normal Fruit Pies, including Apple, Cherry, Peach, Very Berry and more $15.95.


* Cream Pies.  Coconut, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate-Peanut Butter, Banana.  $12.95.


* Pecan Pie $16.95

The Southern classic, made with Georgia pecans. (Avail. In large).


* White Chocolate Pecan Pie $18.95

Our pecan pie with lots of Belgium white chocolate. (Avail. In large).


* Pumpkin Bread Large $12.95

Moist and pumpkiny with a hint of ginger and spice.


*Almond Poppyseed Bread Large $12.95

Almond paste and poppy seeds, so moist and flavorful, topped with an almond glaze.


* Nantucket Cranberry Pie Large (serves 6 to 8) $18.95 (New, and delicious!)

Delicious Cranberry and Walnut mixture, over its moist & chewy short-bread like crust.


* Pumpkin Spice Cookies $1.75 each

Absolutely the most delicious soft cookies in the world, topped with our ButterCream Icing.


* Thanksgiving/Fall Decorated Cut-Out Cookies $1.95 ea

Festive and delicious Vanilla Butter-Cream Iced and Decorated with Holiday, Seasonal, or your choice of decorations.


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Currently Taking Thanksgiving Orders for that Tuesday and Wednesday pick-up!

We will Close on Thanksgiving Day, through the following Sunday.

Currently Taking Thanksgiving Orders! Call as Early as you can to schedule your order pick-up day. Order for pick-up on Tuesday, Nov. 21st, or Wednesday, Nov. 22nd.