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Have a Happy Happy-Birthday Cake purchase at Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co.

Search through the many birthday cake decorations in the pages that follow, so that you may pick out a specific decoration shown, inspire some ideas for a variation decoration, or request your own design idea.

You may email or bring in any object or photo, to see if we can decorate your cake accordingly.
We will Happily do our best to make the cake which will give satisfaction concerning your birthday event.


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The Extra Cost for a Special Decoration on your Cake will normally be determined at order time.

In some instances, the cost would be determined by the decoration manager at a later time, and we would call you back with the information as soon as possible.

The cost will depend on the extravagence of the design, and the time needed to complete it.

The Minimum extra fee will also depend on the size of your cake.

Much of the time, for instance, a Minimum Special Decoration Fee for an 8" round cake, would cost an additional $8 Over the Standard Decoration Price of the cake you ordered, $10 additional for a 10", and so on.