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Basic Cakes Information 

  * Our "Undecorated" cakes, are cakes that are iced with your flavor-choice of Buttercream Icing, or Cream-Cheese Icing, are iced flat, with no decoration.  Decorative icing indentations may be requested in advance.

*Most of our Ready-to-go, or Extra Cakes available for walk-in shoppers, are undecorated flat iced cakes.

* If you do walk-in, without calling in ahead, you may purchase these flat-iced, ready-to-go cakes as-is, for one price, or request that a decoration be put on, (subject to our decorators time schedule for completion), for the full decorated cake price.

If you do not see an Extra Cake in the showcase that suits your cake plans, ask the customer service person to check if the size & flavor of cake you would like, could be made up for you shortly.

Depending on the size of cake, and the extent of decoration you would want, the decorators may be able to complete this cake in 15, 20 or 30 minutes, but it may take longer if the time you ask is a busy time.  If so, you may wait, or leave and come back at a later time, to pick up the completed cake.

* Regular writing on any cake is Free.

Our regular line-up of cake flavors are:

* Vanilla
* Chocolate
* Strawberry
* Keylime
* Carrot Cake
* Italian Cream, (which includes Pecans & Coconut in the cake batter).

Also available upon request, with order-ahead orders are:

* Red Velvet,


* Orange,
* Lemon,
* Marble (Chocolate & Vanilla mixed up to one batter flavor) cake flavors,

* Banana Cake


# The majority of the time, you may order any cake (except 1/4 sheet cakes & Smash cakes) as half & half.

For instance, half Chocolate/half Vanilla, or half Strawberry/half Keylime....

Our round double-layer cakes will, when ordered half & half, be constructed as to where the

* bottom layer will be one flavor,
* and the top layer another flavor.

This way, one slice of cake will give both flavors for each person.

** If you would like your half & half, round double-layer cake to have

* a full one side of the cake to be one flavor,
* and the other side of the cake to be a full other flavor,

then specify the half & half flavor cake to be constructed "side by side".

Icing Flavors

All Icing is genuine Buttercream, (except Cream Cheese Icing, normally applied to Carrot Cakes and Red Velvet Cakes), and is available in your choice of flavors:

* Vanilla
* Chocolate
* Strawberry



* Lime
* Lemon
* Peanut Butter
* Cappuccino

* Our Non-ButterCream Icing is: Cream Cheese Icing.